Friday, July 16, 2010

The great sofa search...

As I've said our new place is larger than our last one which can only mean one furniture!!!  Our biggest priority has been a new sofa.  Now, although our place is bigger it's still New York City.  So we decided the most seating for the space would probably come in the form of a sectional.

Once that was decided the internet searching began!  I soon came to realize that sectionals are no longer the overstuffed frumpy things that used to be in everyone's basement when I was little.  Thanks goodness!

I've narrowed down some of my faves (whether they're in my price range or not!):

Even though I love these I think we're trying to go for a super comfy, come on over we have the NFL Sunday Ticket vibe.  This means we'll most likely choose something more like one of these: 

This one isn't a sectional, but how incredible is this thing!?

via dornob

The hunt continues.  This weekend we'll be jumping off the internet and heading to actual furniture stores.  Wish us luck!

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