Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home office inspiration...

Although we are still in the midst of The Great Sofa Search I can't help but focus on the office/workspace.  I'm very motivated by my surroundings so it's important to me to get it right.  I feel like I'm definitely starting to get a clearer vision of what I need the space to be.  Here are some items that I've come across that are going to find their way into the space!

Ahhh, the desk.  Well, now that I am the proud owner of a gray task chair with a colorful seat, I definitely want a white desk.  Considering that I've been working on a square folding table since I started my business I will pretty much be happy with any real desk!  But I do love clean lines so it was only natural that I would lean towards the Parson's style.

Photo from Apartment Therapy
I believe the one in the photo is from West Elm, but  Overstock has a great one, too.

I also need something to go above my desk so I can pin up various and revolving pictures that inspire me.  I came across this pretty one...
Brocade Magnetic Bulletin Board
I love that you can use either magnets or pins because I don't like putting holes in my photographs.

One of my biggest challenges has been trying to figure out how to store/display my pieces that are awaiting a new home.  I considered getting a bunch of wall mounted coat racks for necklaces. Then, while on the Pottery Barn website, I came across these beauties...
Jewelry Display Frames
I LOVE these!  Obviously I would need more than 3 of them and the thought of  a grouping of at least ten of them gets me giddy!  To be honest, I don't know that I want to spend that much money so I may end up making them myself!  If I do I'll be sure to post a tutorial.

I also want to put up some inspirational wall art and I came across some great ones on Etsy!

Or this colorful version with the same message...


Or both!  It's such an important message that it wouldn't hurt to get it twice!

Although I have a feeling it will always be a work in progress I can't wait to get the space to its most basic done state.  I'll be sure to share the progress with you guys!

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