Friday, June 11, 2010

The business side of the business [Line Sheets]...

For the past week I've been working toward checking off a major item of my to do list.  This item is the line sheet for my AI Collection.  It's a collection that I feel I can produce multiples of consistently and quickly enough to approach boutiques about placing it on their shelves.  I am excited about the prospect of it all and I really want to do it right.

What's not exciting is the business side of running your own creative business!  Creating this line sheet has been both frustrating and draining.  Tons of research online to figure out what a line sheet is in the first place, customizing it to my pieces so it's not twenty pages and maneuvering around the fact that I am not as computer savvy as I thought I was.

At this point the look of the line sheet has been locked in and I just need to photograph the new Large AI Earrings that I am adding to the collection (in new fun summer colors!) and I'll be done! It's been a tough week, but I know that once I push through this and everything else on my to do list that good things will come.

[The picture is of the first 2 of the 5 pages]


  1. The line sheet looks great! Well, done!

    I'm still deciding between the Hello Yellow and the Navy necklace. Hmm...

  2. The bookkeeping part of the business is my least favorite! I just want to sew and sell!

  3. Ugh, yes! I'm trying to convince myself that I love it, but it's not quite working yet! Hahaha!

  4. Niko, never fear the super computer savvy BKLYNcontessa is here!!! Try not to laugh but I love organizing data and designing business materials. Will work for earrings : P

  5. @nicole you can't see me, but i'm tapping the tips of my fingers together, with a raised eyebrow thinking 'eeeexcelleeeent'! hahaha!

  6. That's great, Niko! I started working on a line sheet template myself about a month ago, but had to put it down for a minute. It feels so good when you've been able to accomplish something you've worked so hard on.

  7. YES! Thanks Sharon! It definitely took longer than I thought it would. I should have known it would be considering my first day of working on it was just me complaining about doing it! Hahaha! Good luck on finishing yours and trust me you can do it! Yours is going to be so colorful and pretty with your products!

  8. Thank you, Niko! I'm ready to tackle it again. Here goes...


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