Sunday, June 6, 2010


I saw this print on  Etsy the other day and have since adopted this as my personal motto!  I know it seems harsh, very do or die, but I don't want to try and be successful...I want to be successful!  All 'try' does is give me an easy out, an excuse for when I'm too scared to go forward.

I know a bunch of talented people on the verge of embracing their creative side, but something is holding them back.  They think that it's not having time or not having good ideas, but the reality is that they don't want to try and fail.  I know this to be true because six short months ago that was me.

I kept thinking that I should try to do this or try to do that and all this led to was a bunch of sitting around.  Nothing actually happened until I finally decided to DO! This has definitely been the biggest lesson I've learned so far on my journey.  Do with it what you long as you DO!

Photo is a print from Artistico on Etsy.

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